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prompting the closure of allen rock park and there is where we are live with more. >> there is a combination of low temperatures and low humidity there is city leaders deciding there was too much of a danger today. so the park is closed and this is not the only location where activity is being monitored with temperatures climbing the principal isn't making chances and put up shade for students and has them drinking plenty of water. the school has air kng and everyone is taking precautions. >> you limit play. and they don't do the soccer. and some of the sports or activities. and there is a smart move to stay in the shade.
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temperatures hot enough for public health officer to remind about heat dangers. >> this is important to watch anyone with heart disease and illnesses. they're at a higher risk. >> one of the popular downtown attractions in july is now a big hit in october. >> there is think be maybe it's open, but it's hot today. >> for some there is no escaping the weather. if you felt overheated imagine conditions for the crew on central road. >> it's like a sauna. you know? you don't need to go to a sauna after this. >> this is hot out there.
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the forecast calls for temperatures to cool down. the ranger told me that the park will remain closed through tomorrow. in san jos yairks abc 7 news. >> in san mateo tonight prosecutors linked a suspect in a child molestation case to another insy dment a school in daily city. those new charges added today. we're live where they're having another safety meeting about this. >> and that is right chblgts parents hire tonight and the suspect was araped at the court house and charged with four felonies and 14 misdemeanors and among charges kidnapping and burglary and attempted possession of child important. there is in in mash r march a
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teacher found an intruder. four girls told her they thought they heard someone taking pictures p the girl's rest room. >> they told a teacher. the teacher went in there, saw there was someone in the stall and order that had person to come out, then. >> this district attorney says there was silence. >> the toor flew open. the person went running by. and ran out of the school he says the teacher take a look and about a week ago, september 21, police say the 25-year-old offered vodka and made lewd remarks to two girls and kicked off campus in another school in the same morning. he groped a 9-year-old girl in the bathroom and tried to carry her away. mees say she fought her abductor z kicking him, running back to school.
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the girl later identified him. all sublist ti romted the teacher to call police telling them this could be the same intruder. >> the police did the investigation showed her a set of photos. one is which the defendant was in. she said that the guy. >> and there is a bunch and they're now looking main gates so parents have to wait outside or in the office until the school unlocks doors. this parent says she doesn't mind you never know this, is good. and this keeps us safe. >> i get someone, then, i walk away. >> and the district attorney
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says the investigation continues and that he says it's likely there will be more incident at other schools. that is why they're not releasing a mug shot to us. >> thank you. oakland police are dealing with a rash of gun violence that loft five people dead z there is one man pronounced dead at the scene. another taken into custody. there is two men shot while sitting in a van. two men last night shot and killed in separate shootings miles apart. >> and a man found a stranger rummaging through his car helped lead police to a woman they believe is responsible
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for several thefts. police arrested a 30-year-old on folsom street and say lee was in possession of stolen property from two other cases. plan to disband the milpitas police department has hit a snag. the city council voted to start accepting bids for the work and sheriff's department expressed interest in this idea. and there is a $9 kblinl budget deficit. the mayor asked for input before the city goes forward with ideas. >> and you've probably noticed gas prices have gone up a little bit more and web site gas reports it's happening after chevron
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reported a pipeline outage. and there are two are prices 10% higher. the average price is $4:33. >> and next year a new california hau will ban licensed mental health professionals from trying to turn gay and lesbian teens straight. a christian legal group is going court to stop the law. there are authorities having to decide whether this can take affect. >> i've heard this is a sin. >> steven went through a controversial treatment in an effort to become straight. but the bay area man says no
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one should go through it because it can be dangerous. >> it causes depression, anxiety. thoughts of suicide, makes you anxious causes you to hate yourself he was excited to hear the governor signing into law some day a ban preventing gay conversion therapies on minors. methods american psychiatrist society:kon cluded are harmful. the governor says there is no basis in sigh skbrens will be relegated to the dust pin of quackery. >> there is science now we didn't have before. that sexual orientation is not something that can be changed. >> but the victory may be short lived and there are groups that already claim it's unconstitutional violating first amendment. >> this is absolutely clamps down on speech by
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professionals involved and also affects the minors and their parents rights to access types of therapies they may want. >> legal groups also argue conversion therapy does work for people. >> when this benefits people, and may or may not benefit other people there is no basis for the state to step in. >> this is among the darkest times of my life? >> did it work? >> no. i am just as gay as i ever was. >> other states will be interested in seeing how this case plays out. they, too are considering the ban autos there is a busy weekend ahead. there a look at options this weekend. >> and there is a killer whale in sea world with a injury what. trainers say could have caused this massive wound. >> and this is the rover
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seeing unusually have you heard of the new dialing procedure for the 408 and 669 area codes? no, what is it? starting october 20, 2012, if you have a 408 or 669 number, you'll need to dial 1 plus the area code plus the phone number for all calls. o.k., but what if i have an 408 number and i'm calling a 408 number? you'll still need to dial 1
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plus the area code plus the phone number. so when in doubt, dial it out! take a look at san francisco, temperatures are peeking and within a few degrees of the record, actually. and there is usually warm temperatures on mars, spring has yet to arrive, however, the weather station is measuring temperatures as high as 43 degrees during the daytime. and this is unexpected because it's late winter. and at night, however, temperatures do drop drastically f they continue to climb through spring and summer, researchers have to rethink aassumptions it's too
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cold to most live. >> state of new york promising more lawsuits against big banks in response to a final melt down in 2008. that is a day after the attorney general filed a lawsuit against jp morgan chase. the suit claim bear sterns perpetrated massive fraud if deals involving businessins of mortgage backed securities. >> there are no legitimate basis by the quality of loans because their systems for insuring were a sham. >> it's the first to be filed under the working group set up by the president to investigate and prosecute alleged misconduct that contributed to the financial crisis. and jp morgan says it will challenge the lawsuit. >> there is a bit of a histor
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history -- mystery in sea world where there is a dispute about how a whale suffered a noticeable injury. you can see a hole below the animal's mouth. sea worl claims the whale hit part of the pool during a show. peta says a whistle blower reported two other orcas attacked him. >> this is hard to say if they're playing rough or just aggressive interactions between individuals. >> peta filed a complaint. the veterinarian says it's not consistent with an animal bite. there is this video and reports that he is doing well. >> there is some important news, smoked salmon being linked to salmonella is being recalled here in the united states. >> this is perfecting. health authorities warn hundreds of people in that
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country and united states have been sickened after eating the smoked salmon. here in the u.s. it's sold at costco stores under the kirkland store brand name and this is by one estimate, one out of -- we've stip head here, cost tow pulled this product from shelves and the store says there is no independent confirmation and health officials say they're looking into it but only just begun z by one estimate eight out of 10 women are wearing the wrong bra size. they don't know it this, expert says brau bra manufacturers trying to convince women their backs are smaller and breasts, bigger but what used to be a 36 d and now a 32 g what. do you need to do to get the right fit? >> this shutd be between your
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elbow and shoulder, if you're lower then it's too loose in the back. >> she recommends getting fitted and replace every six month autos stop by television rooms and chances are the sales person will try to sell you on benefits of a 3 dtv. so far amount of programming is really small. rating services say it's not measurable. 3 d video games may feel the gap. and. >> early to predict if it will be as common as color television. >> and it's hot, hot, out
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there. >> this is where we're sweating it outside. there is relief coming up f you're waiting for that it's on the way. there is a live picture, there are people enjoying warm weather at the coast. so that is another live picture looking towards mount diablo. there is i asked if you describe the heat one writes i'm liking these days. and susan d says miserable, so ready for soup weather. and she's can't wait is what she's saying. there is live doppler 7 hd. it's been baking and skies are
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clear. lack of a strong sea breeze is why we're starting to heat up. and take a look at the san jose. 95 into moffett field is a new record. napa up to 100. and 98 degrees in vallejo. 103 degrees in livermore, san francisco there is 94 degrees. there is still feeling the steamy weather here in the bay area. temperatures now cooking inln valleys into triple digits there. there is temperatures around the bay there is clear and mild again tonight. there is sharp cooling coming the rest of the week there is hot air mass starting to break
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apart. and there is a hot pattern that begins to break apart. there are changes starting tomorrow. there is an investigation notice it's clear watch what's happening by afternoon this will bring us relief that we're expecting for wednesday afternoon. there are temperatures tomorrow morning clear skies, mild weather and this is mid-50s to mid-60s, we're expecting temperatures to trend lower, south bay, still warm. 87 cupertino. that is fog returning and daily city, 68 degrees, downtown out of the 90s, almost a 20 degree drop there. north bay, 8. towards east bay, 79 in oakland. 94 in livermore, there is 67
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in monterey. accu-weather forecast there is thursday, low 80s. friday, mid to upper 70s inland. there is a slight chance of showers. what would you do with 49,000s sndz. >> enjoy it they're all well, win big and find out. giving away $49,000 in all of our facebook friends, except us are eligible. so and that will take to you this page. we'll announce october 18th here on abc 7 news good luck to everyone and there is coast
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guard preparing for fleet week z a look at axz have you to make this weekend a weekend to remember that is coming up. then researchers discovering a way for women to block the aids virus. it's a break through could save lives. we'll have the story at 6:00.
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there are clear, blue skies soon blue angels will tear into them. and there is back out live and that is a fun time. >> and this is video.
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the coast guard preparing for both fleet week and america's cup. this included a water rescue and patrols to maintain safe arounds around ships. and that is three times normal number. there is and this is we want voters to heed warnings. >> there are 64 boats and water draft in the bay and there are bomb-sniffing dogs and there is hardly strictly blue grass festival this weekend and there are two
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cruise ships and towns. >> and there is 300 gallons of paint have been on the hollywood sign. it's expected to be a 10 week project and there is in 1949 just became hollied >> the crow nursed back to health by a family. >> now, turn to pay them back. how he's making
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owe coming up latest campaign against nudity and lawmakers trying to cover up a practice many say is out of hand and there is tricky work being done to finish the oakland
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touchdown and a company is offer and those stories and more coming up at 6:00. >> and there are rows not everybody's idea of a family pet. >> some people think they're a nuisance, others believe they're a bad omen. >> last spring a family injured a baby crow and they called him walter. >> that is right. they brought him home and. >> and he leave for long. the kids went to school, he tagged along. >> this is going to be part of the gang. >> and if he feendz a new flock of crows he hopes they'll be back every now and

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